Bridge Loan

A Bridge Loan is a short-term loan that is used until a person or company can arrange a more comprehensive longer-term financing.  The need for a bridge loan arises when a company, or individual, runs out of cash before it can obtain more capital investment through long-term debt or equity.  Even larger businesses or wealthy individuals will sometime be short of cash in order to make new acquisitions, investments, or any other sudden need for cash.  This loan should be a quick injection or cash, a service a regular bank seldom can offer.

The borrower will still need to have appropriate collateral and meet the needs of the lender. As this is a quick service for cash, the interest paid is likely to be far higher than a bank’s.

Project Developments

One of Andaman Island Group’s activities is the development of smaller building projects. Currently, we are involved in two projects:

1. A Large, stunning 7 bedroom oceanfront villa on the famous Kamala headlands. This property was acquired late 2012 and is currently under total renovations. Please click on the photo for additional information and pictures.

2. Four 4 bedroom pool villas are to be completed in 2014 on a stunning beach, each with a 17 meter beachfront swimming pool Please click on the photo for additional information and pictures.

Andaman Island Group has earlier completed a number of projects, including a small number of villas, townhouses, renovations, single large villa projects or small resorts. The developments are mostly aimed at the international market, wanting to invest in Phuket. As most of the projects are built on ocean front land or land near the sea, the houses have been designed in a way to best cope with the weather and elements facing them. This may include usage of concrete boards rather than wooden boards and use of painted fiber glass rather than wood. Basically trying to keep maintenance costs as low as possible as wood will not last long facing the tropical sun, humid weather as well as termites. Rust is another issue when located near the ocean.

Another aspect is preservation of energy as well as water. Air conditioners are the single most items requiring the highest amount of energy. Therefore, insulation and shade are two issues looked at closely when projects are designed. Another issue is water. Here, we have developed entire projects sustaining itself purely on rain water, either for parts of the year or for the entire year. This requires careful planning and willingness to invest in technology and infrastructure. Some projects developed by our company:

1) 2 single large villas, Thai style, location Boat Lagoon area and cape Yamu. Internal floor space is approximately 600 sq.m. each, swimming pools etc.

2) 4 townhouses in Boat Lagoon Resort, water front, 2-3 bedrooms each.

3) 6 town houses in Boat Lagoon Resort, water front, Jacuzzi roof top, 3 bedrooms each

4) 2 semi attached villas in Boat Lagoon Resort, swimming pools water front, 4 bedrooms each and has approximately 300 sq.m. of internal floor space.

5) 6 single storey pool villas near Boat Lagoon, modern style, 3-4 bedrooms each. Each villa only requiring use of rain water

6) Office/Commercial building on Heroine’s Monument, approximately 950 sq.m. of internal floor space. Modern offices/showrooms.

7) 4 villas on Koh Yao Noi island in Phang Nga Bay, beach front. Modern 2 bed villas being managed by a 4-5 star hotel next door.

8) Large Thai villa renovation. Modernized, 700 sq.m. of internal floor area, Koh Keaw area of Phuket.

9) Large villa in Kamala, complete renovation project, 8 bedrooms, total of 2,100 sq.m. built up area, 1,000 sq.m. internal floor space. Ocean front.

10) 4 villa beach front on Natai Beach, west coast, 25 min north of Phuket Int’l Airport. Modern style, 4-5 bedrooms each, swimming pools. Approximately 400 sq.m. of internal floor space.

Projects 1- 8 were all completed over the past 14 years

Project 9 has just been acquired and project started on January 3, 2013. Expected completion is August 2013.

Project 10’s drawings completed. Expect to start building project March 2013, completion of course of 14 months.

Coastal Escape Koh Yao Noi