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About andaman Property

Andaman Property was established 20 years ago and has long enjoyed a reputation for having the best knowledge when sourcing prime land and large plots for commercial development.

 A well-respected local enterprise with considerable knowledge and experience, Andaman Property has rightly earned the confidence of the neighborhood landowners who have given us the exclusive right to represent them.
The practice of goodwill is passed on to our customers in the form of fair and honest pricing.

Andaman Property maintains the largest pool of lands in Phuket and near by provinces, which includes beach and oceanfront properties, prime lands situated along major roads or intersections.

Our negotiating skills, which are second to none, will ensure the best deals for our clients. Apart from brokering land deals, we also offer other professional services such as property and investment management, funds and loan securement.

Our past clients have included well-known global and regional investors, proving our status as a competent and bona fide exclusive land dealer.

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